Petrokefali Crete

The village of Petrokefali is a traditional settlement located on the plain of Messara, at the foothills of Asterousia Mountain.

The village has about 800 inhabitants, whose main occupation is agriculture and livestock farming.

In recent years, the tourism sector has been flourishing and lots of lodgings have been built to accommodate travelers to South Crete.

The village is a tourist hub, surrounded by beautiful beaches such as Matala, Komos, Agiofarango, Kaloi Limenes, archaeological sites such as Phaestos, Agia Triada and Gortys, as well as areas of breathtaking natural beauty ideal for walking and browsing.

Situated in the main square of the village is Mokamvilia, as well as traditional cafés, taverns, super markets, a bakery, a pharmacy and many more.

The central church of the village, built in 1865, dedicated to the Holy Spirit and the Annunciation, is also situated in the square.

The village's cultural association is very active, especially during the summer months when traditional Cretan celebrations and various other events are held, where all the residents of the village and visitors from the surrounding areas take part.

It is the ideal destination for all seasons of the year with kind and hospitable residents.